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Super 7 Universal Monsters Super Cyborg Creature From The Black Lagoon Figure

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Hidden among the colorful denizens of the Amazon, the Creature from the Black Lagoon is a master of camouflage, using this green and yellow skin to hide in plain sight. 7 points of articulation and has Intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing.   

Ahi Universal Monsters 1973 Creature From The Black Lagoon Jiggler Super Rare

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From a smoke free home, this is a holy grail universal monsters toy in complete and undamaged condition!!!!! Incredibly hard to find anymore especially in this condition, this will be a centerpiece addition to any true toy action figure and universal monsters collector!! He's been stored carefully over the decades and still has the wonderful rubber smell like when he came out of the cardback package at the grocery store in the early 1970's!   

Creature From The Black Lagoon, Don Marquez Original Painting, Universal Monster

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During the 1980s, he also worked for Apple Comics ('Thunderbunny', 1986), Blackthorne Publishing ('Werewolf 3-D','Jungle Comics','Rambo', 1988), C&T Graphics ('Kiwani: Daughter of the Dawn', 1988) and did a contribution to Dark Horse Presents.   

Super Cyborg Universal Monsters Creature From The Black Lagoon 11

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UNIVERSAL MONSTERS SUPER7 ACTION FIGURE: The Creature from the Black Lagoon of the classic 1954 horror film joins the Super7 Super Cyborg action toy figures lineup. SCREAM-WORTHY DETAILS: This action figure is made with premium paint detailing and comes with three removable plates, allowing you to recreate iconic scenes from the classic monster movie. 11-INCH ACTION FIGURE: Creature from the Black Lagoon figure is 11 tall with the rest of the Super Cyborg figures lineup. PREMIUM ACTION FIGURES: Often over 10 tall with see-through or brightly colored variants and removable panels, it's clear ...

Vintage Azrak-hamway Universal Monster Creature From The Black Lagoon 1974

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Please look carefully at the photographs that I have taken so that you can judge the condition of this 50+ year old collectible. This figure has maintained a high quality condition over the years and still stands very well for display. Most of the paint is intact and it is in its original condition with no restoration attempted. I personally think the best quality of this figure is the well painted eyes, which make him such a great display figure for fans of the classic Universal Monsters or vintage toys in general.