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Creature From The Black Lagoon Cftbl Pinball Led Speaker Panel Ultimate

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  Once you see these lighted speaker panels installed in your pinball machine you will wonder why it was not manufactured like that to begin with, and you will never look at pinball machines the same way again. Most people feel this is the way the game should have been made. This is one of a few mods you can put on your game that you can see from across the room and it is so noticeable, it will jump out at you. Your translite lights up, your play field lights up, why doesn't your speaker panel light up? Because the manufactures did not know how to light up the speaker panel, but we do. ...

Williams Creature From The Black Lagoon Pinball Speaker Upgrade From Pinball Pro

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   Pinball Pro is a family owned and operated business located in Nebraska. Our claim to fame is our pinball and arcade speaker / sound upgrades! We stock new pinball machines, pinball machine upgrade and accessories, new arcade games, and arcade game parts and accessories. Full speaker upgrade kit for Williams WPC-89 Pinball Machines. This sub-woofer extends bass reproduction to 32 Hz. No permanent modification is required to the pinball machine. The special design of the subwoofer network routes the low frequencies to the subwoofer, and the full spectrum of sound to the backbox ...